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Or, if we want strong language, turn to page 159 of the Supplementary Documents of the League Commission of Inquiry, which reads:

The author is unacquainted with any instance in recent times where a Government has so ruthlessly, systematically and over so long a period of the time exploited and taxed its own people in such a disgraceful manner as have the Manchurian officials. The disgrace was all the greater because the burden was imposed on those least able to bear it and because practically nothing was given in return for what was taken. In short, it was nothing but monstrous official robbery, the extent and effects of which it is difficult to appreciate.

Summing up, the same investigator concludes:

...The Chinese currency situation prevailing in Manchuria on September 18, 1931, was appallingly bad, and stands as irrefutable testimony that the Chinese authorities were guilty of the most heinous offence against the millions of poor struggling humanity over whom they exercised jurisdiction.

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The average man and woman believes that Manchuria has been sinned against, that Japan went in and gobbled the country. She went in there all right, but if you travel in Manchuria — Manchoukuo — you will find that Japan has so far played the role of Santa Claus there and that the Manchuurians are very happy about it. Their old masters, Russia and China, were cruel taskmasters and they suffered under them. It was Japan that brought them peace and security, stability in government and business, built them railroads, cities and towns, hospitals and schools.

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The inhabitant of Manchukuo enjoy an increasing measure of security and ordered government. They are free from depredations and exactions by the military. They are subject a reasonable system of taxation which is fairly administered, and they have the advantage of a sound currency. Plan are being laid, and are being executed, for improvements in transportation, communication, inland, navigation, flood control, sanitation, hospitals, medical training, and the provision of school buildings hitherto lacking. From this it is easy to visualise the scope which Manchukuo offers as a market for industrial products.

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(伊藤延司 (翻訳) ヘレン・ミアーズ『アメリカの鏡・日本』)