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For instance, Professor Nicholas Spykman of Yale wrote in a book published shortly after Pearl Harbor (Americas Strategy in World Politics: The United States and the Balance of Power) that the annihilation of Germany and Japan would open Europe to Soviet domination and observed: "A russian state from the Urals to the North Sea can be great improvement over a German State from the North Sea to the Urals.

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(妹尾作太男『第二次大戦に勝者なし』上巻 p.36)




To oppose the Japanese domination of China and actively take all available means and occasions to frustrate it ... would, if pursued consistently and determinedly, almost inevitably mean war with Japan ... Such a war would be a major misfortune for us, even assuming our victory ... It would be a hideously long and costly process ... Even the elimination of Japan, if it were possible, would be no blessing to the Far East or to the world. It would merely create a new set of stresses, and substitute for Japan the USSR as the successor of Imperial Russia as a contestant (and at least an equally unscrupulous and dangerous one) for mastery of the East. Nobody except perhaps Russia would gain from our victory in such a war.

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Defeat of Japan would invite domination of China by the Soviet Union, for the clash in Asia is not nearly so much between China and Japan as between Japan and the Soviet Union.

From what I have seen of Soviet practices, and from what I have seen of Japanese practices, I must say that I should regard Soviet domination in Asia far more disastrous for China than Japanese domination, and far worse for America and for the world.

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(田中秀雄 (翻訳)先田賢紀智 (翻訳)『アメリカはアジアに介入するな!』p.208)