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As far back as 1927, when I was in Moscow, the attitude toward the United States in the event of war was discussed. Privately, it was the opinion of all the Russian leaders to whom I spoke that the rivalry between the United States and Japan must actually break out into war between these two. The Russians were hopeful that the war would break out soon, because that would greatly secure the safety of Russia's Siberian borders and would so weaken Japan that Russia would no longer have to fear an attack from her in the East. Stalin hopes through the activities of the American Communist Party to create a public opinion in the United States that would favor a war, presumably in the defense of democracy against the encroachment of Fascism, but actually against Japan.

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It is, of course, the heartiest hope of the Soviet Government that the United States will become involved in a war with Japan. […] The Soviet Union would certainly attempt to avoid becoming an ally until Japan had been thoroughly defeated and would then merely use the opportunity to acquire Manchuria and Sovietize China.

The final conviction of the leaders of the Soviet Union with regard to the war they desire so ardently between the United States and Japan is that Japan would be defeated, that a Communist Government would then be set up in Japan, and Japan and the Soviet Union would then move happily hand in hand to establish communism in China.

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It is no secret that thousands of young Chinese and other Oriental youths of both sexes have been turned out of Communist universities in Moscow and sent back home to conspire against their governments. The open campaign to bring all China under the rule of Moscow had been waged under the spotlight of publicity; subversive and disruptive forces have overturned established governments in many lands; yet with the evidence before its eyes, the world has condemned Japan for defending her institutions and existence against this menace.

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