Another View of Japan


下院外交委員会 1948年3月


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Communist conquest of china would lead rapidly to Communist victory in Indochina, which is the extension of South China; and Communist control of Indochina would almost inevitably be followed by Communist subjugation of Thailand and the Malay Peninsula.

Moreover, if Stalin should thus acquire control of the east coast of Asia and drop an iron curtain between the continent of Asia and Japan, which country is largely dependent on the Asiatic Continent not only for food and raw materials but also for markets for its finished products, it would be impossible for Japan to maintain its economic life except by crawling under the iron curtain and becoming a Soviet satellite.







The American government has not delivered to China a single combat plane or a single bomber since General Marshall in August, 1946, by unilateral action, broke the promise of the American Government to the Chinese Government and suspended all deliveries of planes under the 8 1/3 air group program.






In August 1946, as a means of pressure to compel Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek to take Communists into the Chinese Government, General Marshall stopped all fulfillment of this program and dishonored the pledge of the United States. Even after General Marshall gave up his attempt to put Communists into the Chinese Government and returned to the United States, he did not permit resumption of deliveries under the 8 1/3 group progrum. To this day, not a single combat or bombing plane has been delivered in China since August 1946.