Terry's Japanese empire.


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Agriculture is the national industry and it gives occupation to six or seven millions of the people. The native methods are so primitive that ere long the production will be trebled by the modern system introduced by the Japanese.




Besides teaching the Koreans methods for the development of the land on scientific lines, the Japanese have established model farms, miniature cotton and tobacco plantations; horticultural, forestry, and seedling stations, and besides stocking the country with fresh seeds and new agricultural tools, they have taught the people how to breed and care for live-stock, and have quadrupled the yearly output of Korean silk.




The Japanese Gov't is rapidly extending the peninsular highways, widening and strengthening them as they go.




Money. The old Korean system was so cumbersome that when the invading Japanese army once bought 10,000 yen worth of timber in the interior, and was obliged to pay in copper cash, it was found necessary to charter a small steamer and fill it with the old coins. [...]
The new metallic money is similar in quality and appearance to that of Japan except that the Korean national emblems (a white cock like the mythological phoenix, and a 5-petal plum blossom replacing the 16-petal chrysanthemum) appear upon them in juxtaposition to various Japanese symbols.