Another View of Japan





Chinese censors struck the foregoing facts and opinions from cables and radio messages filed and even changed news cables to make it appear that doubt existed in the minds of foreign officials here that possibly the bombs came from Japanese planes, but this is distinctly not true.

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(オンラインにあった翻訳をお借りしました。なおオリジナルの記事は The New York Times, Aug 27, 1937 "CHINA HELD GUILTY IN SHANGHAI BLAST" です。)






The censorship is so drastic that people have lost a good deal of faith in the press and the wildest kind of rumors readily gain credence. For example, there was a rumor circulating when I was there that I was strongly urging on the Generalissimo a policy of appeasing Japan. The Communist paper in Chungking ran an editorial welcoming me, drawing certain things to my attention. I thought it was fairly innocuous but nevertheless it was severely censored. This censorship took the form not only of crossing out words and passages but of actually, in one instance, changing a word so that a sentence which originally ran "China needs a sound financial system" appeared in print as "China has a sound financial system." I was informed on good authority that there had been two to three hundred arrests of progressive elements in recent months but that all arrests had been suspended during my visit.

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