I am a juggler



1936年8月10日付 ルーズベルトから海軍作戦部長

"One obvious thought occurs to me—that every Japanese citizen or non-citizen on the Island of Oahu who meets these Japanese ships or has any connection with their officers or men should be secretly but definitely identified and his or her name placed on a special list of those who would be the first to be placed in a concentration camp in the event of trouble."





1942年5月15日 ルーズベルトの発言

"You know I am a juggler, and I never let my right hand know what my left hand does…I may have one policy for Europe and one diametrically opposite for North and South America. I may be entirely inconsistent, and furthermore I am perfectly willing to mislead and tell untruths if it will help win the war."


私はジャグラー(曲芸師)なのだ。右手と左手が全く別々の動きをする。 たとえば欧州向けに特定の政策があっても、 北米や南米では全く正反対の政策を平気で実施することができる。 私は矛盾だらけで、ミスリードだってする。戦争に勝つためなら嘘だってつく。



America's Retreat From Victory : Internet Archive p.44

The government at Chungking was our ally. We had come through a long, hard war together. It was we who had encouraged Chiang to resist, to treat with scorn the entreaties of the Japanese that China fall out of the war so that the combined forces of Asia could fall upon the Americans in the Pacific and the Far East. We owed much to Chiang.





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