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米国戦略爆撃調査団 - Summary report (Pacific war) 

From October, 1944, to the end of the Okinawa campaign, the Japanese flew 2,550 Kamikaze missions, of which 475, or 18.6 percent were effective in securing hits or damaging near misses. Warships of all types were damaged, including 12 aircraft carriers, 15 battleships, and 16 light and escort carriers. However, no ship larger than an escort carrier was sunk. Approximately 45 vessels were sunk, the bulk of which were destroyers. The Japanese were misled by their own inflated claims of heavy ships sunk, and ignored the advice of their technicians that a heavier explosive head was required to sink large ships. To the United States the losses actually sustained were serious, and caused great concern. Two thousand B-29 sorties were diverted from direct attacks on Japanese cities and industries to striking Kamikaze air fields in Kyushu. Had the Japanese been able to sustain an attack of greater power and concentration they might have been able to cause us to withdraw or to revise our strategic plans.

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1944年10月から沖縄戦の終了まで、日本は2550機の神風攻撃を行い、475機18.6%が 確実な戦果を上げている。全艦種に被害が出ていて、12隻の空母、15隻の戦艦、16隻の護衛空母を含んでいる。護衛空母より大きい軍艦は沈んではいない。約45隻の軍艦が沈んでいる。 大半が駆逐艦である。日本軍は大型艦が沈んだとする自らの誇張された主張に欺かれ、技術者が大型弾頭が必要だとアドバイスをしても無視した。アメリカが被った実際の被害は深刻であり、極めて憂慮すべき事態となった。延べ2000機のB29が、日本の都市と産業への直接攻撃から、 九州のカミカゼ基地の攻撃に転用された。日本がより大きな打撃力で集中的な攻撃を持続し得たなら、我々の戦略計画を撤回若しくは変更させ得たかもしれない。




米国戦略爆撃調査団 - Japanese Air Power

The suicide plane was by far the most effective weapon devised by the Japanese for use against surface vessels. Over a period of only 10 months of the 44-month war, suicide planes accounted for 48.1 percent of all United States warships damaged and for 21.3 percent of the ships sunk. But the suicide effort was expensive. During the 10-month period of the employment of the suicide tactic, the 2 air arms expended 2,550 planes to score 474 hits on all types of Allied surface vessels for an effective rate of 18.6 percent.

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“The suicide plane is a very effective weapon, which we must not underestimate,” he wrote. “I do not believe any one who has not been around within its area of operations can realize its potentialities against ships."

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